Elizabeth Lacy Husmann, known professionally as "Lacy Husmann." Is an American abstract expressionist artist; specializing in one-of-a-kind works with resin. Lacy studied Interior Design at Texas State University. For the past twenty years, she has worked in the natural stone and tile industry, assisting architects and designers in creating beautiful and lasting interiors.

Her non-figurative artworks are visual expressions of emotions and ideas. Interiors, architecture, and everyday objects influence her creations. Lacy, utilizing mediums such as ink, acrylic, oils, and resins, creates unique blends of structure and chaos. The results are multi-layered, three-dimensional, textured compositions. Since 2007 Lacys' art has been sold to private collectors and displayed in museums and galleries worldwide.

"Painting is my passion. I enjoy experimenting with new techniques to create unique pieces of art. My paintings embody my thoughts and feelings before, during, and after creating a piece. I do not believe a painting can have too many layers. Every layer adds to the depth and dimension of the piece. I enjoy watching people view my work. I enjoy seeing someone discover something unintentional within my art."

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